ENACT Network Leadership Circle

The leadership circle formed during the 5 years of AHRQ funding that established the ENACT Network.  It's made up of ENACT site-representatives, experiential training fellows, and included internal advisory committee members from the University of Pittsburgh.

Site Representatives

 Magda Shaheen, MD, PhD, MPH  Charles Drew University          
 Todd Seto, MD, MS  University of Hawaii 
 Patricia Talbert, PhD, MPH, MS, CPHA, CHES, cPHN  Howard University 
 Enid J. Garcia Rivera, MD, MPH  University of Puerto Rico 
 Alexander Quarshie, MD, MS  Morehouse School of Medicine 
 Consuelo H. Wilkins, MD, MSCI  Meharry Medical College 
 Alexandra Perez, PharmD, MS  Nova Southeastern University


 Sylvie Akohoue, PhD  Meharry Medical College. (2015 Cohort)
 Cynthia Gonzalez, PhD, MPH  Charles Drew University. (2015 Cohort)
 Karen Martinez, MD, MSc  University of Puerto Rico. (2015 Cohort)     
 Priscilla Pemu, MD, MSCR  Morehouse School of Medicine. (2015 Cohort)
 Firew Wubiee, MD, MS  Howard University. (2015 Cohort)
 Marshaleen King, MBBS, MSCR, FCCP  Morehouse School of Medicine. (2016 Cohort)
 Mary Helen Mays, PhD, MSHI, MPH, MBA, RD  University of Puerto Rico. (2016 Cohort)
 Tetine Sentell, PhD  University of Hawaii. (2016 Cohort)
 Janet Southerland, PhD, DDS  Meharry Medical College. (2016 Cohort)
 Deborah Taira, ScD  University of Hawaii. (2016 Cohort)
 Sylvia Anderson, DHEd, MBA, OTR/L  Howard University. (2017 Cohort)
 Jennifer Elia, DrPH, MPH  University of Hawaii. (2017 Cohort)
 Maria Loza, DMD, MS  University of Puerto Rico. (2017 Cohort)
 Darlene Santiago, PhD  University of Puerto Rico. (2017 Cohort)
 Patricia Talbert, PhD, MPH, MS, CPHA, CHES, cPHN    Howard University. (2017 Cohort)
 Jennifer Cunningham Erves, PhD, MPH, MEd, MS, CHES  Meharry Medical College (2018 Cohort)
 Hirut Gebrekristos, PhD, MPH  Morehouse School of Medicine (2018 Cohort)
 Alexandra Perez, PharmD, MS  Nova Southeastern University (2018 Cohort)
 Chimene Castor, EdD, CHES, MS, RDN  Howard University (2019 Cohort)
 Genevieve Hale, PharmD, BCPS  Nova Southeastern University (2019 Cohort)
 Sandi Kwee, PhD, MD  University of Hawaii. (2019 Cohort)
 Elsa M. Orellano, PhD, MSc, OTR/L, ATP  University of Puerto Rico (2019 Cohort)

Internal Advisory Group

 Esa Davis, MD, MPH   University of Pittsburgh  
 Paula Davis, MA  University of Pittsburgh 
 Wishwa Kapoor, MD, MPH  University of Pittsburgh      
 Liz Miller, MD, PhD  University of Pittsburgh
 Natalia Morone, MD, MS  Boston University 
 Sally C. Morton, PHD, MS  Virginia Tech
 Marie Norman, PhD  University of Pittsburgh 
 Chenits Pettigrew, Jr., EdD  University of Pittsburgh 
 Doris Rubio, PhD  University of Pittsburgh 
 Jeanette South-Paul, MD  University of Pittsburgh 
 Susan Zickmund, PHD  University of Utah

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