Steering Committee

During the AHRQ-funded grant (2014-2020) that established the ENACT Network, operational and strategic decisions were made by the PI and co-directors in consultation with the Leadership Circle, which included site representatives from all partnering institutions, the 22 ENACT Fellows (who completed the one-year experiential training), and an internal advisory group from the University of Pittsburgh. After the completion of the AHRQ-funded period, and after the first annual ENACT Face-to-Face Meeting (in Puerto Rico, February 1, 2020), the Leadership Circle was restructured as a smaller Steering Committee (SC), with greater representation from the partnering institutions to facilitate a more bi-directional collaboration. The SC subsequently began bi-monthly meetings in Fall, 2020 with the goals of 1) writing manuscripts on different aspects of the ENACT Network programs, 2) developing and writing funding proposals to build a more sustainable capacity for conducting CER and PCOR, and 3) discuss other agenda items of common interest to the Network

Co-Chairs of Steering Committee 

 Doug Landsittel, PhD  University of Pittsburgh              
 Deborah Taira, ScD  Universtiy of Hawaii at Manoa 
 Karen Martinez, MD, MSc  University of Puerto Rico 

Steering Committee Members

 Chimene Castor, EdD, RDN,LDN, CHES, FAND           Howard University                             
 Elsa Orellano-Colon, PHD, MSc, OTR/L, ATP  University of Puerto Rico
 Jennifer Cunningham Erves, PhD, CHES  Meharry Medical College
 Kristin Kropf, MS  University of Pittsburgh
 Sandi Kwee, MD, MSc, PhD  University of Hawaii at Manoa
 Mary Helen Mays, PhD, MPH, MBA, RD  University of Puerto Rico
 Alexandra Perez, Pharm.D., MS  Nova Southeastern University
 Alexander Quarshie, MD, MS  Morehouse School of Medicine
 Enid J Garcia Rivera, MD, MPH  University of Puerto Rico
 Darlene Santiago, PhD, MS  University of Puerto Rico
 Tetine Sentell, PhD  University of Hawaii at Manoa
 Todd Seto, MD, MS  University of Hawaii at Manoa
 Janet Southerland, DDS, MPH, PhD  The University of Texas Medical Branch
 Patricia Talbert, PhD, MPH, MS, CPHA, CHES, cPHN  Howard University
 Barbara Segarra-Vazquez, D.H.Sc  University of Puerto Rico 


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