Expanding National Capacity in PCOR Through Training & Collaboration (ENACT) Network

The ENACT Network was previously funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) through R25HS023185.

Mission Statement of the ENACT Network

“The ENACT Network is an interdisciplinary collaboration of researchers and educators dedicated to building capacity for stakeholder-driven, patient-centered, and comparative effectiveness research. ENACT seeks to enhance training and collaborative opportunities at Minority-and Hispanic-Serving Institutions to facilitate high-quality research that reduces health disparities and improves the health of vulnerable populations”.

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Partnering Institutions

The ENACT Network is comprised of partnering institutions from across the country. Many of these institutions have contributed substantially to the accomplishments of the ENACT Network.

Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle was formed from members of the initial 7 institutions forming the ENACT Network. The Leadership Circle included a site representative and all ENACT Fellows (i.e. post-doctoral researchers and faculty who participated in the experiential training) from these sites

Steering Committee

After completing the AHRQ funding period, a steering committee was formed to subsequently guide the future direction of the ENACT Network. The committee members are comprised of select members from the partnering institutions

Online Self-Guided Course: PCOR Studies

The Online Self-Guided Course, which is titled “Writing a Successful Concept Proposal in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research”, was created to guide trainees through the key aspects of PCOR methodology. As part of this publicly-available course, trainees complete a workbook to write their own project proposal

Newsletters & Highlights

The ENACT Network regularly produces newsletters on key highlights and accomplishments of ENACT members.

Presentations, Workshops and Publications

Fellows and Steering Committee members of the ENACT Network have frequently produced presentations, workshops and publications.