Kristin H Kropf, MS

  • Instructional Designer
  • Coordinator

Education & Training

  • BS, Communications
  • MS, Instructional Leadership/Education

Representative Publications

Landsittel D., Srivastava A., Kropf K. A 2020. Narrative Review of Methods for Causal Inference and Associated Educational Resources. Q Manage Health Care. 29(4):260–269 2

National Presentation

Landsittel D, Norman MK, Glenn A, Kropf K, Taira DA, Sentell TL, Southerland J, Martinez KG, Rubio DM, Kapoor WN: Online training in patient-centered outcomes research. Podium Presentation at the 11th Health Disparities Conference, New Orleans, LA, April, 2018.

D Landsittel, T Sentell, D Taira, J Southerland, MH Mays, M Henriques-Forsythe, K Kropf, M Norman: Training in Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research: Challenges and Solutions. Poster Presentation at the MeTRC Health Disparities Conference, Nashville, TN, November, 2016. 


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